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About Us

About Us


Lanta Jungle Tour is under managed by Eco-Tourism Recreation was set up in early 2009 in Koh Lanta by Charae Sungkarw with help from community its main objective is to educate and inspire people to experience Koh Lanta's rich natural history. These adventure tours are developed and conducted by a group of dedicated and passionate nature guides.

Our day trips and longer excursions are led by a team of dedicated & passionate nature guides with great knowledge and a deep love towards nature. We offer standard and custom tours to places of extraordinary natural beauty for small groups.

All trips are presented in a thoughtful and pleasant way and at the end there are opportunities for guests to get involve, if they so wish, in on-going research and conservation activities run by National Park and Conserve Tortoise and Breed Natives Wild Animals of Klong Jark Waterfall Koh Lanta Community Project. We are among the first companies in Koh Lanta to conserve and offer natural tours in the southern part of Koh Lanta Krabi.

Apart from the set programs presented in this site we can customize itineraries to meet the specific needs of our discerning customers. Our tours are flexible and can accommodate family. Browse our selection of exclusive tours for adults and educational activities for children and we will be happy to develop special excursions of a few hours or weeks according to your requirements. Join us to explore the wide range of habitats: lowland, mountain, Elephant Trekking and rainforest.

We have a team of professional and passionate nature guides to ensure efficient and well-managed expeditions. Our commitment to excellence has built our reputation as the premiere nature tour operators. We work closely with many of the leading hotels in the region to provide tours for their guests.

In addition to Eco-Tourism Thailand offers consultancy services to government and the tourism industry and is active in lobbying for the ecological cause.

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