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<< Chok

 Aside from giving rides to tourists every day, Chok’s striking features lead him to be used as a live prop for documentaries, movies, commercials, and wedding photos. His full name Plai Somchok means “fortunate,” and fortunate he is indeed to leave his “modelling” career behind and be admired for his natural behavior in his natural habitat instead.

Jahn >>

Her full name, “Manee Jahn” is the name of a precious stone, and we’re lucky to have this gem. In her 40s, Jahn has spent most of her adult life logging heavy commercial wood and giving rides to tourists in various provinces. As our resident social butterfly, the best part of Jahn’s new, elephant-friendly life is the time and space to freely interact with the other elephants, especially her best friend, Sow.

<< Sow

 Now in her 60s, the name “Sow” is a nickname, meaning “young girl.” Though she’s still strong and determined, the 20 years she spent giving rides to tourists at various camps throughout southern Thailand have taken a toll on her body. As is common with elderly elephants, Sow’s teeth are deteriorating, which means she can only chew and digest soft grasses and leaves.At Following Giants, she is treated to an abundance of her favourite supplementary foods, which her mahout P’Dam puts through a food shredder so they’re easier for Sow to eat. instead.

Tanwa >>

“Tanwa” means December, which is both the month he was born, and the month we launched Following Giants. Tanwa has lived a hard life, dragging and lifting heavy logs for long hours each day, until he was in a logging accident that resulted in severe nerve damage. After a month of veterinary treatment, he arrived at Following Giants, where we are giving him the early retirement he truly deserves.
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